Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Daily Show: Fear on Both Sides of the Aisle

I love being partisan. As a gay male I feel I have no choice but to be partisan. I vote Democrat because Republican's scare me.

The Daily Show had an interesting segment showing Obama rallies and McCain rallies and the common thread they both share. Fear.

Of course the Daily Show....trying to be "balanced" showed that the Obama supporters where scared for more rational reasons. While the GOP where scared over completely ficticious things. Like Obama being a secret muslim terrorist socialist Arab.

I do have to say, that for the first time in my life; the old "turd-sandwhich" vs douchebag analogy (well not so old...4 years old) does not apply in this case.

Obama was a long shot. I attended bake sales for Obama. Donated to the campaign. (10 bucks but hey I'm out of school and still unemployed) and have never seen so much excitement over a candidate in my whole life.

Sure Obama may have backtracked on some of his more progressive roots in order to please the mainstream. But so too would Ron Paul if he had been lucky enough to get the Republican nomination. But nobody has sold his soul to the devil more than John McCain. A fiscal conservative/social liberal who's become a social conservative and can't decide whether or not hes still a fiscal conservative and de-regulator or someone willing to take on all the bad debt with tax payer money.

John McCain pisses me off. All conservatives do. But when John McCain plays victim and underdog...with his false sense of modesty; you know he believes the presidency is his birthright.

In the spirit of devisive, partisan politics (which is very fun when you're a gay man living in California; fearing Prop 8, fearing for the future of the Supreme Court) I have posted a picture of McCain after the second presidential debate. In which he made fun of Obama as he exited the stage. What a grumpy old ass.

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