Sunday, October 5, 2008

My hit and run conspiracy Theory

Well no sooner did I put a "Vote No on Proposition 8" on my car that some drunken bastard tried to run me off the road by swerving into my lane, scaring the shit out of me, making the hubcap come off....damaging my drivers side window and cracking the hood.

Probably had nothing to do with the no on 8 sticker but that's the first thing that went through my mind.

I could have died. It was amazing. How fast it went. But when I got home i was sort of in shock and just went about my business. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet. Wow...I didn't even plan that to be a horribly cheesey pun.

Of course my insurance deductable is too high for me to file a claim. So black taped my mirror, and I'll just continue to drive my junky Saturn at peace with the fact that nobody will ever want to steal that piece of shit. Though it has been stolen twice.

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