Sunday, October 5, 2008

Todd Palin is a Terrorist

Wow. The McCain campaign is clutching at straws here.

Sarah Palin came to Carson of all places and was talking about Obama having ties with terrorists. Because he met William Ayers a few times.

Meanwhile no mention is made of the fact that Todd Palin; is actively involved in a political movement for Alaska to succeed from the union.

I am just so sick of McCain. And his smear tactics. He can't talk the issues so all he does is smear smear smear. He can't get Obama on the issues and get ahead in the polls so he'll pull any dirty trick out of his old decrepit hat to try and smear the guy.

And I am so tired of the McCain cult who like to go around saying Hussein this and Hussein that. What does a middle name have to do with anything.

Did you know:

That Sarah Palins middle name is Hitler?
That John McCain was a POW so he probably engaged in homosexual prison sex while detained?
That Todd Palin impregnated poor Bristol, made her give birth to a down syndrome baby and then Sarah decided to tell everyone it was her own baby?

None of these things are true. But I don't care. They're rumors on the internet and since Barrack is too much of a gentleman to hit back with dirty tricks I think all of his supporters should circulate as many misinformed and reactionary emails as possible.

These bastards are not going to steal another election by scaring people into voting for the old decrepit fart and the Fargo cast reject.

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