Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did you hear? Obama only won because he's black.

That's what some idiots would have you believe. That suddenly being black or half black is an advantage.

Obama won because he was the more qualified candidate. Cool under pressure. Smart. Intelligent. He has brought people into his cabinet of all ideologies. He has wasted no time issuing out executive orders and starting to make good on election promises.

ENOUGH! Enough of the reverse racism. And the whining. ENOUGH! Just shut the fuck up.

Just as when we dissented against Bush and you told us "this is America, love it or leave it." I say the same to you racists now who think the only reason this inspiring and intelligent man beat out a living fossil who ran a dirty campaign and played women for fools with the choice of his VP pick; is because he's black.

When the truth is the only reason anyone would vote for McCain would be because he "wasn't" black. Let's get real here folks. No one was excited about McCains candidacy. If you can write off millions of people as idiots who voted for a man simply becuase of the color of his skin, then I shall write off the other millions who voted for a senile, grumpy, condescending fool like McCain.

You lost. Take your own advice. Obama is our president. Love it or leave it.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot dissent all of a sudden is no longer unpatriotic. But you dissenters are the intelligent ones. Who invoke Martin Luther King in saying that Obama was chosen for his color and not the content of his character. What character did McCain show over Obama?

I hope you enjoy the next 8 years. You have a lot of work to do after the mess you've created with your former president if you ever want to be re-elected again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I like Stephen Colbert's new MLk mascot dreamy...

Demetree're so hipster I hate you

I haven't even seen his show but I cannot stand the promos for Demetree Martins new Comedy Central series. "Important Things."

First of all....he's in his 30's playing as if he's in his early 20's.

He is such a hipster nerd. Trying so hard to be weird/sexy/cool all at the same time.

Argh! He wears Urban Outfitters clothes and plays the harmonica. He places his stereo under his hand drawn titles.

He's not even that cute or funny.

So nice...Bush is out tomorrow :) So I am focusing my anger now on Demetree. And his fucking floppy hair. How does he get it so straight?? I need to start flat ironing...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Year A New Hope

I am glad 2008 is gone. And I am happy with 2009 so far. Love is in the cards this year.

I have been administering hypnosis on myself to help me deal with stress and anxiety. It's been pretty amazing. I think I may have found my favorite hypnosis MP3.

It's form Sylvia Brown. It's very very thorough. And although I had an image of Sylvia as a great deceiver; whether or not she actually sees the other-side...I think she really believes that she can. She sounds sincere in everything she says.

Hypnosis is basically just a way to reprogram your subconcious mind. Her hypnosis is by far the best I've heard. Very thorough. Very wise. And ultimately you yourself are in control not her.

It's like meditation kicked up a notch. I recommend it to everyone who wants to better themselves in some way.

Other than my adventures in hypnosis, had a good holiday season. Complete with a romance from a cute norcal boy named Tyler. And then this past weekend, I met another Matt. He seems a bit wild for me but he is incredibly beautiful and I am going to enjoy this little fling or whatever it may turn out to be.

I'm pretty happy to take this blog in a new direction for 2009. The politics...I became a partisan hack haha. I was just so angry. Angry at Bush. Angry at McCain. Angry at conservatives. Angry at Prop 8. I tried to turn this blog into a one man Huffington Post. It really wasn't me. I'm not normally that partisan.

I'm going to restore humor to this blog. Give it a sense of myself. More poetry. More videos. More journal entries. More life observations. And less Olbernesque outrage. Though I must say the man has become a bit of an idol to me. I used to detest opinionated right wing talk show hosts and when I discovered Air America i was horrified to see liberals trying to play the same obnoxious game. But Keith won me over. He's a total DILF first of all. And Rachel Maddow. She's family, she's witty...and she's mean. And as John Stewart pointed out; also respectful of different points of view.

But yeah. Obama won. Bush is almost out of there. Prop 8 will be defeated. I will find more steady income. I will have a good year. I will relearn to enjoy and get the most out of life.

No new years resolution yet. But I think it's going to be just to live this year to the fullest.