Monday, November 24, 2008

New Club for GLBT Trapped in the Inland Empire

New facebook group run by yours truly for gay people living in the inland Empire. Do a search in groups for: "Inland Empire California For Marriage Equality."


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prince...the Gender Bending 3 foot Alien is Against Gay Marriage

Well I'd boycott Prince....but I'm 20 years too later.

The gender bending 3 foot Jahova's Witness alien (much like Michael Jackson) is against gay marriage. He had this to say "God came to Earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out," he said. "He was, like, 'Enough'." I take it he will be molesting little boys soon like Michael.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chronyism and Joe Liberman

Democrats slapped progressives in the face today. Letting Joe Lieberman off the hook for turning his back on his party and his parties candidate for President.

In true Presidential form, Barrack is focused on moving forward and he killing his opponents with kindness. But that doesn't keep progressives from being pissed off. But are we pissed off enough?

The conservative base of the Republican party is very vocal; even when it alienates the mainstream so-called "independent" segment of the American population. But the Democrats seem to take the support of progressives for granted.

I would love to see progressives fighting and being more vocal over issues that matter to us. We don't need a pro-war, anti-gay, anti-womans-right-to-choose Democrat like Lieberman getting off scott free because he is well liked as a person in the senate. That should be beside the point. The senate is not a club house. They are there to serve the people. Americans voted in favor of progress this election cycle and Joe Lieberman put his money on "more of the same." Well Lieberman lost and he should be taught a lesson. The man disgusts me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Murdoch Space

I never go on Myspace unless i have my trusty Firefox with adblock firmly at my side lol. But I decided to check it the other day on evil bug ridden Internet Explorer and found about a dozen anti Obama ads.

So Murdoch Space finally shows its true colors. I wrote to "Tom" and he had this to say.

"MySpace supports equality. I personally have always welcomed diversity as part of the very fabric of the MySpace community. Over the last few days, ads related to various political propositions that spoke in direct conflict to that ran on our site. These ads came through a third party ad network and we worked to immediately remove them. Like most websites, we do not always have a direct relationship with advertisers that use the ad network, so it was difficult to get them removed. As we fought to remove one advertiser, another would pop up immediately after. I'd like to apologize to anyone who was offended by these advertisement and you have my commitment that we will continue to work to prevent similar happenings in the future. MySpace is for everyone, and we do not want to offend our users by running ads that make them feel uncomfortable."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Conservatives Play "Victim" Over Prop 8

The conservatives learned a lot during the 60's. Victims of injustice always tug at the heart strings of the public. America's history is filled with accounts of a tyrannical majority abusing and suppressing a helpless minority.

So it's no surprise that in the Prop 8 battle; supporters of prop hate have been playing victims of religious intolerance. "All we did was participate in Democracy." "Stop picketing our churches! Help! Religious persecution."

Ridiculous. These tax exempt institutions dipped into the donation jar to take away the rights of millions of people. A violation of the separation of church and state.

Regardless of who funded the Prop 8 campaign; one thing remains clear; we should have never put this up for a vote. That is what the courts are for. To protect the rights of all citizens. Rights of a minority should never be decided by a simple majority.

But the courts where cowards. They figured like a lot of people; that prop 8 wouldn't pass. That way they could keep their jobs and get reelected during the next California election without having to weigh in. Now they will be forced to weigh in and the fanatical right will be even more pissed off once Prop 8 is overturned.

Not that I care much about the fanatical right. It's ignorance that's fueling this fear of gay marriage. If they could just see the families; the parents of gay kids, the gay parents, the couples in their twilight years, they would realize that they are the ones who are destroying family values by taking away civil rights from a minority they know very little about.

Unfortunately the fire has taken the focus off this fight. But we have to stay vigilante. Was very happy to see all the people out at the Rancho Cucamonga city hall protesting along with all the others nationwide. Unfortunately I have not seen much press coverage of the big protests.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An open letter to those defending "marriage"

Those who are for Prop 8 have no valid argument. They just spout out hate. Sexual "immorality." Says who? You? Are you a scientist? A psychologist? Even an expert on the Bible you use to push your agenda of hate?
You cannot change being gay. The passage of prop 8 gives young gay people only two choices. Deny who you are and live the rest of your life fighting against your nature, or accept who you are but die alone because you are not worthy of love or growing old with someone or raising a family.
Marriage is a moral choice. It does nots come from a desire to change society or destroy it, but to intergrate into society. I can marry a woman legally. But what good would that do if I am gay? Don't i deserve to grow old with the person I love? Don't i deserve to have an alternative to bars and promiscuity and instead enter into a monogamous relationship, honored by the state that i can share with my friends and family (both gay and non gay) don't my parents deserve to go to their childs wedding and leave this Earth knowing they are being taken care of by someone they love?
Gay marriage hurts nobody. It doesn't not lessen the value of your heterosexual marriage which only stands a 50 50 chance of surviving anyways. But when you voted yes on 8, you voted to dictate the future of millions of people and that is not right.
We are not the whiners because we disagree with a small majority. We are angry because we are having our lives and freedom dictated to us by an ignorant uneducated majority. Rights should never be voted on.
You my friend, are on the wrong side of history. American history is a history of progression. Of the expanding of freedoms not the limiting of it. If the change in percentage between prop 22 in 2000 and prop 8 in 2008 shows anything it shows that you are on the losing side of history.
Eventually you will stop caring about gay people getting married. Whe your kid comes out of the closet, or your neighbor, or when you just stop caring. Just as you conservatives stopped caring about womens suffrage, interacial marriage, slavery etc etc. Conservatives change. Liberals never do. We are always looking at the future and you are dragging your feet in the past.
Conservatives only slow down progress. They can never stop it. In 10 to 20 years gay marriage will be legal everywhere. And you conservatives will have moved on to some other battle. Just as Condy is the secretary of state serving a political party whos conservative ideology once told her she wasn't worthy of her post for her gender and race. So to will there be a day when some of your most prominent conservatives will be only gay people. Just as Ann Coulter got out of the kitchen and began writing books. Bill O'Reilly stopped boozing it up in the Irish pub and became a voice for conservative America. It's only a matter of time before you conservatives stop caring about those immoral gay people and suddenly find them amongst your peers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prop 8 Protest in....Rancho Cucamonga??

My hometown had quite an interesting display. After weeks of Yes on 8 people mobbing the intersection of Haven and Foothill; I have now seen my first anti-prop 8 protest. Too little too late? Perhaps. But the reality is finally settling in that California is not as progressive as we thought it was and we need to be visible. We need to put a human face on gays and lesbians and gay and lesbian families as well as our straight supporters.

While the rest of America wonders how Prop 8 could have passed in liberal California; and while opponents play the blame game citing African American turnout or Latino turnout one thing remains clear. Away from the coats, California has a red inland. And the inland areas are growing every year.

On NPR tonight I heard a special on Harvey Milks life. During his life Milk called on a coalition of minorities. Only when blacks, feminists, Latinos, Asians, gays etc begin to fight for the rights of not just their own group, but form a coalition against all forms of discrimination can the minority become the majority.

We need to stick together. We need to realize that racism and homophobia and sexism all come from the same ignorant base. And we need to fight that collective ignorance and not just the ignorance that effects us personally.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Palin gets Crank Called

Should no longer be doing this. But this is hilarious.

Palin Learns the Hard Way - Republicans Turn On Palin

Interesting on the Daily Show today. Fox News did a piece on the O'Reilly factor basically trashing Palin. Saying she couldn't name all the countries in North America (a lot of people can't, its not just Canada mexico and the USA...there are also plenty of island nations considered apart of North America) and didn't know that Africa was a continent and not a country.

Normally I would relish in this kind of negative reporting; but the election is over and I no longer fear the idea of being governed by Palin. So therefore my anger towards her has subsided.

So instead I take pause, and do something I thought I'd never do. Defend Palin.

The reason? Fox News is reporting it. And i hate them more than I could hate any Republican individual. This is incredibly transparent. Sarah Palin's nomination energized the conservative base. She has a long future ahead of her. At the same time she is part of the reason why McCain lost independant support.

So the Republicans have to rebrand, ditch Palin..but how can they do that when so many of their loyal followers adore her? Trash her. Tear her limb from limb. Fox helped push the hype over Palin, and now they must undo the hype by turning against her in the cruelest of fashion.

Those Republicans are schemers. Not afraid to throw one of their own under the bus to advance their agenda. I'm hoping it backfires. I hope angry Palin supporters write Fox News and demand more "fair and balanced" coverage of the Governor. And I hope she runs again in 2012; gets the nomination. Loses again. And then runs in 2016. Gets the nomination and loses again. Then wins again in 2020; gets the nomination and so on and so forth. You get the drift.

Bring it on Palin. Shame on you Faux News

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barrack Wins - The Housewives of Atlanta and Immigrants and Faggots

What a Tuesday. Its now thursday morning and I still haven't got my head around it. We wont. By a landslide. I predicted their would be a "youth quake" since most polls did not take into account all the new voters; but wow. Senator Obama has a mandate. 333 electoral votes.

The strange thing is going around the internet...that minority that is the ultra conservative is very loud, and very proud. And still up to their tricks. In the end, there's probably not as many partisan people out there as me or the guys who like to type the word "Libtard" into every liberal blog.

This shows what the "real America" looks like. Funny thing is it's still hard to find very many people who love Obama in my local community. I think when it comes down to it, people like to complain, but they don't really get into politics. And probably didn't even vote. My sister is I think the average American. Neither one way or another but would vote with her pocket book...if she wasn't so lazy. She went to vote, and turned around because the lines where too long. In the end she thought it was cool Obama won because "it's history."

"Real" America is a lot more complex than the media would like to acknowledge. In the end, the maority of whites, hispanics ... every ethnicity preferred Obama. African Americans went for Obama 95%.

We can no longer have elections like we had in the past. No more old white guys playing to as broad an audience as possible. No more John Kerry windsurfing. McCain hanging out at biker rallies. The future of American politics is young people. Minorities. Women. Maybe I"m being too optimistic but neither party can now take the "others" for granted.

Unless of course you're gay! For while it was an extremely wonderful and joyous day, Proposition 8 passed.

Thankfully it's not that simple. We are protected in the California constitution. Equal protection. So the validity of Prop 8 is questionable. Which is good. There will most likely be lawsuits. And so there should be. If it wasn't for "activist" judges schools would have never have intergrated. Can't always leave it to the people. The people are ignorant.

Unfortunately, that new powerful voting block, the minority...the immigrant; is unfortunately not in solidarity with the gays. Hispanics and African Americans supported Prop 8 over whites. Which explains why those in charge of the Prop 8 campaign used a hispanic family while our campaign ad focused on whitey mcwhiterson. All along it's not the Cali whites we had to reach it was the cali "others."

This doesn't make me hate immigrants or suddenly become racist. But I'm dissapointed that a minority could opress another minority. Remember, at one time African Americans where thought to have smaller skulls, smaller brains and be sexually lacivious. There was no evidence of this but people believed it, just like the people who believe homosexuality is a choice and a sin. These are opinions based on fear.

In reading blogs; its amazing how Religious fanatics are making this an issue about "religious freedom" making themselves the victim. The truth is marriage is many things. It can be secular; in front of a judge if you are an Athiest; it can be Buddhist, Jewish, relition or people have a monopoly on marriage. So how is letting churches who support gay people perform marriage ceremonies not taking their rights away?

it's because those Churches which disagree, are tax exempt. And they make a killing on faith. They don't pay taxes and don't want to be forced to perform gay marriages. They want their cake and they want to eat it too. Government support but with the right to discriminate.

Whatever. This is not over. Was very happy to see protests in West Hollywood today. we have to stop being passive about this. We need more activism less pasivism.

I am exhausted. So what do the Housewives of Atlanta have to do with any of this. I saw the election at my friend David and Jons house. They are quite the odd couple. David was getting tired of election results and at 8pm pacific...just as Obama was declared winner decided to change the channel to The Real Housewives of Atlanta thinking that their would be no results until 11pm pacific. He was watching CNN, which broadcasts out of New York; so he didn't realize that 11pm actually meant 8pm.

So when I look back at this historic occasion, and think back to where I was when Obama was announced as the first African American president ever; I can say, I was watching the first 5 minutes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

And the funny thing is we would have continued to watch it but the DVR was set to record "Paris, My New BFF" but recorded the vapid housewives instead. So if Paris had been on TV...I would have gotten the news 30 minutes (or more) later than everyone else in the world.

Thanks David lol

Monday, November 3, 2008

If the World Could Vote?

Kudos to "three guys in Iceland" for creating a website that allows the world to cast their vote in the US presidency.

What we find is that the world overwhelmingly see Barrack Obama as the most qualified candidate to lead the free world.

Of course right-wingers will look to see that countries like Iran and Syria prefer Obama, but the votes are cast not by the government but by people living in that country. And since Bush always told us that the war in Iraq was not about the "people" of Iraq but about Saddam and his regime, it seems that those in "countries that don't like us very much" who have access to the internet see Obama as being the most stabilizing for their country.

This also includes Israel. Which also prefers Obama, as well as all our main allies including those in the Anglosphere Australia, Canada and the UK and Ireland and New Zealand.

Albania however wants McCain for some reason...hmm??

To see the results yourself go to: