Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first movie

So here is my first movie. Going to upload a few more in the next coming days as I am finally getting a broadband connection here in Socal. Hooray.

A bit cliche but yeah.

If you enjoyed this film I ask that you please donate and help support me in my film making endevours :) I would greatly appreciate it.

Introduction part 2

Going to organize my blogs into roughly four categories.

Diary Entries - Boring day to day "life" stuff.

Politics - My take on politics. Ariana Huffington eat your goddamned heart out.

Film- Talking about movies, my career in movies. Or lack thereof.

That's just Gay - Gay stuff. Reflections on gay life.

Pop..Really doesn't matter - What would a blog be without musings on pop culture? Yep, just what the world needs. Another gay guy with opinions on celebrity culture. I'll try and keep it high brow...but yeah...they done doing Brittany wrong.

Music - I like music. You don't? Well then these blogs aren't for you.


Well, my first experience with the world of blogging came when I joined Myspace and took advantage of the blog option. But that wasn't good enough for me. Needed to free my blogs from the mess of my messy page layout. As I went Myspace-mad and filled up my page with pictures, music videos. I hid my blogs under a bushel. But no more.

So here it is. I'm sure the entire world is dying to know what a gay 30 year old ex-film student who is unemployed and single things. So without further ado. Here is me.



Original blog on my Myspace...please friend me! I don't have enough random strangers claiming friendship.