Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Daily Show: Fear on Both Sides of the Aisle

I love being partisan. As a gay male I feel I have no choice but to be partisan. I vote Democrat because Republican's scare me.

The Daily Show had an interesting segment showing Obama rallies and McCain rallies and the common thread they both share. Fear.

Of course the Daily Show....trying to be "balanced" showed that the Obama supporters where scared for more rational reasons. While the GOP where scared over completely ficticious things. Like Obama being a secret muslim terrorist socialist Arab.

I do have to say, that for the first time in my life; the old "turd-sandwhich" vs douchebag analogy (well not so old...4 years old) does not apply in this case.

Obama was a long shot. I attended bake sales for Obama. Donated to the campaign. (10 bucks but hey I'm out of school and still unemployed) and have never seen so much excitement over a candidate in my whole life.

Sure Obama may have backtracked on some of his more progressive roots in order to please the mainstream. But so too would Ron Paul if he had been lucky enough to get the Republican nomination. But nobody has sold his soul to the devil more than John McCain. A fiscal conservative/social liberal who's become a social conservative and can't decide whether or not hes still a fiscal conservative and de-regulator or someone willing to take on all the bad debt with tax payer money.

John McCain pisses me off. All conservatives do. But when John McCain plays victim and underdog...with his false sense of modesty; you know he believes the presidency is his birthright.

In the spirit of devisive, partisan politics (which is very fun when you're a gay man living in California; fearing Prop 8, fearing for the future of the Supreme Court) I have posted a picture of McCain after the second presidential debate. In which he made fun of Obama as he exited the stage. What a grumpy old ass.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Porno: On Shelves Now!

This political atmosphere is making me very very partisan. I actually take great pleasure in really hating McCain and Palin. Particularly because the only people left who support them are the conservative fringe. The so-called "Real America." Where ignorance is bliss and everyone falls into line.

And say what you will about Larry Flynt, but he has just released a Sarah Palin porno. And although I think it's pretty tasteless; I have a copy of the script for one of the scenes from the upcoming "Drill Here, Drill Now."

Very clever and well written (for a porno). There is some bad language. And I cannot be held responsible for any of the disturbing images that may enter your head while reading this excerpt. But here goes:

PALIN: Who is it?

GRUFF MALE VOICE: It's JOE, the tanning-bed repairman.

(PALIN unlocks the door and opens it)

PALIN: Hiya! You were supposed to be here two hours ago, doncha know?

JOE: I'm sorry. My snowmobile broke down outside of Matunska. I had to walk the rest of the way.

PALIN: Well, you're in luck. I just baked a batch of chocolate-chip cookies. Why don't you come inside and I'll fix you a plate of 'em?

(JOE obliges. He takes a seat on the couch. PALIN enters the kitchen and returns shortly after with the cookies. She gives them to JOE, but not before looking him up and down.)

PALIN: My oh my. That's quite a toolbelt you have on. It looks heavy.

JOE: I have a big hammer.

PALIN: Oh, I betcha do. I love a big hammer. But I love screwdrivers, too! And wrenches. The fact is I love and respect all of America's diverse tools, big and small. They're what helps make us so great as a nation. Here, let me take that off for ya.

(PALIN takes a seat on the coach beside JOE and starts to undo his belt. He stops her.)

JOE: Let's go take a look at the tanning bed first.

PALIN: Oooh, okay.

(PALIN leads JOE to the tanning salon in the basement. JOE carefully inspects the machine.)

JOE: Looks like there are just a bunch of screws loose.

PALIN: (seductively) You're in luck. I fully support off-shore and on-shore drilling.

(PALIN pounces on JOE and throws him onto the top of the tanning bed. She quickly rips off his jeans.)

PALIN: God almighty! You are hung like a moose. Now I have to eat ya!

JOE: I'm bigger than a moose. Do you have any contraceptives?

PALIN: It's okay. I already took a morning-after pill.

JOE: Um, are you sure it works that way?

PALIN: Are you asking me if I know what a morning-after pill is? Because I totally do! I'll get back to ya with specifics.

(The two proceed to make furious love in a multitude of positions. PALIN amply demonstrates that she has enough experience.)

PALIN: Fuck me harder! HARDER! Pound me until my head is so empty that I can't even remember the name of the one Supreme Court case I actually know! I want it to burn. Burn like a banned book. Oh God, Oh God, OH MY GOD! MAKE ME SEE RUSSIA FROM HERE!

(After 10 minutes, the two finish.)

PALIN: Wow-eee. I haven't had a ride that good since Todd took me for a spin on the back of his Yamaha at the Tesoro Iron Dog.

JOE: That was amazing. What now?

PALIN: I feel so alive! Let's grab my gay friend and go shoot wolves from the safety of a helicopter.

(End scene)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama to Win By Landslide

Wow. Looking at the current electoral map...Obama is set to win by a landslide.

Right now Obama is ahead with 268 electoral votes (according to polling data)

John McCain has 137. NOt only that but there are only 18 states leaning towards McCain. And then there are 97 electoral votes in places where its too close to call. Even if McCain got all 18 electoral votes in states leaning towards him AND all 97 electoral votes in the undecided states; he would still only have 252 electoral votes.

The only way McCain can win is to pick up 17 electoral votes from those states currently leaning towards Obama. Those are the real battleground states. Virgina, Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota.

The news couldn't be better. I'm actually excited and full of hope. This could actually happening. Change is a -comin'

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Googld what the fuck?

My blog is now being sponsored by anti-Obama pro-Republican sites. LOL. If they want to pay for me to give my left wing views then fine. :) HAHAHA

KTLK - LA Affiliate of Air America Explains Position

KTLK, the Los Angeles affiliate of Air America has been taking advertising from the No On 8 Campaign. I wrote to complain and this is what they said:

"Election laws dictate that as a media outlet we must carry the advertising of any candidate, proposition or measure that is on the ballot - if they choose to be on our station.

No matter how much we disagree (and we do) with their position, we must run their commercials.

Unfortunately, the No on 8 campaign has decided not advertise on KTLK thus giving the Yes on 8 campaign total unopposed access to our audience."

That is very unfortunate. I suppose the No On 8 campaign doesn't want to spend money preaching to the choir but progressives have the power to stop 8 since we are the bulk of the electorate here in California. If progressives don't take time to pay attention or see it as big of a problem, they could become passive. And the religious hicks in Californias red inland could see this passed.

Right now support of Proposition 8 is swelling on the polls. According to Andy Humm and Ann Northrope of GAY USA. Support for the proposition was lagging in polls just weeks ago but a new crop of ads featuring a defiant Gavin Newsome seems to have pissed off a fair bit of people.

This is disasterous news. Please get the word out NO ON 8

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cindy McCain Thinks People Shouldn't Change their Ideas About Race...Excuse me?

Coming up in the newest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine; are interviews with both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.

One thing really struck me though about this article though. Both candidates where asked if they think their campaigns changed the perceptions of race. Cindy responded:

"I think it’s a phenomenal age of politics because there are many firsts in this race. But I don’t think it has changed – nor should it change – the way people look at race. I think Americans are good-hearted, open-minded people and race doesn’t enter into this – at all.”

"Nor should it change"? I guess when the only tactic you have left is to demonize your opponent and scare people from voting for him; that you don't want the racists in this country to change their perception of race.

Freudian slip? It's quite obvious Mrs McCain is saying..."stay racist America. My husband needs your votes."

And if you read any of the comments posted by McCain supporters on sites like Youtube and the Huffington's quite obvious that those who vote for McCain are doing so out of hatred and fear of Obama.

The McCain campaign is playing to that and it scares me to my core, that he could be enciting his supporters to violence against Obama and his supporters.

The secret service is already investigating someone at a McCain rally who yelled "kill him." (in reference to Obama) McCain, his wife and Palin are hate mongers. Worse than Bush who was a fear monger. They are not only fear mongers but also playing on peoples racism. They're playing with fire. And turning off a lot of independant voters in the process

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's mud slinging and enabling the racist minority

The most disgusting thing about the current comments made by Sarah Palin with the support of John McCain; is that they are scaring people about Obama to win the election, but they could end up scaring racist rednecks into trying to murder Obama.

Obama is already at risk as an African American. If he wins; and Palin's racist fear mongering rhetoric resonates with the disinfranchised, uneducated rural whites...Palin and McCain will have blood on their hands.

It's one thing to attack someone on the issues. But to attack them and incite violence against them through blatant lies and half truths?

I have lost all respect for the McCain Palin ticket. And I no longer feel sorry for Palin. She is a dickhead of the highest order.

On a happier note:

Obama wiped the floor with McCain at today's debates.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

What do you do when your friend is a Zealot?

I have a lot of frustration withe one of my closest friends. We'll call her "W."

W is a Christian. But a compassionate one.

W thinks the United States should follow Gods law rather than its own.

W thinks the Republicans are carrying out the mission of God.

W is actually socially liberal but doesn't understand what social liberalism is. And thinks liberal is a bad word.

W knows that Barrack Obama is a Christian. That her pastors wife adores him. That he was involved in community organisations through his CHURCH.

Meanwhile McCain has never been a very religious person.

McCain leaves his disfigured wife for a rich heiress.

And at a barbecue she says...Obama is scary. My heart broke.

Worst of all...her mother in law; apparently a member of Mensa...thinks that people are only voting for Obama because he's black. Wow. As if being black has ever given anyone an advantage.

And her father in law; apparently thinks that nothing will change if either Obama or McCain become president.

I beg to differ. The suprem court. The Supreme Court. The Supreme Court.

I love my conservative suburban friends. On a brighter note; her husband said he's voting for Ron Paul. I hope he was serious. He is a fiscal conservative. Not a social one. If all the fiscal conservatives would just turn their back on the Republican party and it's far right fundamentalist base; I think it would be a wonderful thing. And might succeed in calming down the Republican party and making it more centrist.

As for me. I am a lefty. I'm a lefty liberal. Not because I love a big huge government. But because I value true freedom. Not the freedom of the markets. But the freedom not to starve on the street. The freedom not to be spied on. The freedom to marry who I choose. The freedom to be protected when I'm sick and in danger, but not without having to give up any of my civil liberties.

I don't understand the Republican idea of freedom and small government. Look at what deregulation has done to our financial markets. That's the free market right there. And when they are in trouble; who do they come to? The public sector to bail them out.

I hope this economic crisis and the last 8 years of bush makes "socialism" less of a bad word and "capitalism" more of a bad word.

I'd love to live in a mixed market country like the Netherlands and most of Europe. Socialism mixed with capitalism. Regulation of those institutions that hold a lot of power over the average person while freedom of the average citizen to protest, vote, debate and be entitled to their opinions.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My hit and run conspiracy Theory

Well no sooner did I put a "Vote No on Proposition 8" on my car that some drunken bastard tried to run me off the road by swerving into my lane, scaring the shit out of me, making the hubcap come off....damaging my drivers side window and cracking the hood.

Probably had nothing to do with the no on 8 sticker but that's the first thing that went through my mind.

I could have died. It was amazing. How fast it went. But when I got home i was sort of in shock and just went about my business. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet. Wow...I didn't even plan that to be a horribly cheesey pun.

Of course my insurance deductable is too high for me to file a claim. So black taped my mirror, and I'll just continue to drive my junky Saturn at peace with the fact that nobody will ever want to steal that piece of shit. Though it has been stolen twice.

Which reminds me, if you like the blog. Please click on an ad to help feed me and give me some extra cash. Trying to make capitalism work for me.

Todd Palin is a Terrorist

Wow. The McCain campaign is clutching at straws here.

Sarah Palin came to Carson of all places and was talking about Obama having ties with terrorists. Because he met William Ayers a few times.

Meanwhile no mention is made of the fact that Todd Palin; is actively involved in a political movement for Alaska to succeed from the union.

I am just so sick of McCain. And his smear tactics. He can't talk the issues so all he does is smear smear smear. He can't get Obama on the issues and get ahead in the polls so he'll pull any dirty trick out of his old decrepit hat to try and smear the guy.

And I am so tired of the McCain cult who like to go around saying Hussein this and Hussein that. What does a middle name have to do with anything.

Did you know:

That Sarah Palins middle name is Hitler?
That John McCain was a POW so he probably engaged in homosexual prison sex while detained?
That Todd Palin impregnated poor Bristol, made her give birth to a down syndrome baby and then Sarah decided to tell everyone it was her own baby?

None of these things are true. But I don't care. They're rumors on the internet and since Barrack is too much of a gentleman to hit back with dirty tricks I think all of his supporters should circulate as many misinformed and reactionary emails as possible.

These bastards are not going to steal another election by scaring people into voting for the old decrepit fart and the Fargo cast reject.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our 3 Tillion Dollar War and the Financial Crisis...And the VP debates

Watched the Vice Presidential debates.

It's funny that John McCain's support of the bailout means that some things will have to be sacrificed. He's not a big fan of government spending.

Yet the war has so far cost us 3 trillion dollars. And that has contributed heavily to this financial crisis because all of that money has been borrowed.

Sarah Palin did ok which means she did better than most people expected. So when you're expectations are super low you always come out on top. But Joe He did an awesome job.

When Joe Biden panders to middle sounds sincere. To the point where it doesn't seem like pandering at all. It really sounds like he means what he says from the bottom of his heart.

When Sarah Palin Panders it sounds like she regurgitating talking points.

I guess this could be my bias against her. But I would say that although I sincerely believe Barrack Obama cares about the working poor and the middle class but when he and John McCain talk about "main street" it really makes me cringe. Not all normal middle class Americans live in a small town homogenous main street.

But when Biden does it he really sounds sincere. I found him to be really charming. Good pick Barrack. It was the safe choice but had you not picked Biden and picked Hillary; McCain wold have picked the whitest McWhiteyson to show a contrast between the party of liberals and minorities (though women are not minorities) and the party that LOOKS most presidential.

Sarah Palin will be the nail in John McCains coughin.

Please Support Gay Marriage in California!

Gay marriage is now legal in California. But unfortunately a group is trying to add a constitutional amendment to the ballot that would take away that right. It will be voted on in November.

I personally believe that the popular vote should have no bearing on whether me or people like me have rights. Why should some old lady in Fresno have a right to say whether or not gay people should have the right to get married when she has probably never even met one?

Back in 1967 California legalised interracial marriage. And conservatives called it Judicial Tyranny. But that's what the courts are there for. To protect our rights and make sure everyone is treated fairly.

I personally do not believe that we should leave this up to "Democracy" because if you look historically at the popular vote: it was used to keep slavery around, it was used to keep segregation around, and now it is being used to try and give gay people a seperate but equal version of marriage. Well seperate but equal is anything but equal.

if this amendment goes to ballot please; in November, vote against it and tell all your friends and family members to also. John and Bob getting married is not going to affect your life, it's not going to affect your has no affect whatsoever to heterosexuals. So please...

"In Germany they came first for the Communists, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

We are not a dictatorship. Gay people are not scapegoats. We are not the reason the country is sucking right now. Don't brush this off because you think it doesn't apply for you. If you give the state the right to take away the rights of few...eventually they will take away the rights of many.

The Curve of Apollols Neck

The curve of Apollo's neck

The curve of your neck,
as it cuts into your ears
and then connects to your chin
is an absolute marvel to behold

the line between light and dark skin
connecting at your bicep,
your smile, your eyes,
your jagged smile
equally awkward and unique,
they come together to create you're soft gentle face
clinging so tightly to your bones

you witthold thousands of years of observation
with your lips sealed tightly
you dare not speak of the time the discus struck your head
humbling you before apollo and reborn into the tall slender frame you possess today
in the form of what is best in both men
Apollos strength and the energetic youth of Hyacinthus

And I Zephyrus
watching from the west
can only long to hold you, so far and so distant
that the gods would make me reborn in the image of hyacinthus
so i could be slight, and tiny, crushed underneath the arms of this new Apollo

And Chronus laughs over me
so i sigh and sit passively
longing to trace that curve up into your ears and across your chin and up to your cheeks
to have one kiss, and then wither away
Gone but not forgotten

The Fall TV Schedule

I don't really understand why we cannot watch foreign TV (even when it's from an English speaking country) The new fall TV schedule is filled with American versions of foreign TV shows.

From the UK: Life on Mars, and the Eleventh Hour.

From Australia: Kath and Kim.

Why?? When I lived in London we'd watch Neighbors and Secret Life of Us (Australian) and all the American shows like Friends, CSI, etc etc in their original versions.

BBC America seems to be doing incredibly well. HBO just signed up to air the incredibly hilarious "Summer Heights High." Why do the networks believe that Americans are too stupid or not sophisticated enough to enjoy these series in their original form?

Ricky Gervais is in a new blockbuster movie. So there have to be Americans out there who know who he is and like him enough to go and see the movie. Otherwise the studios would have never cast him in the lead.

There's my rant. I'm not going to support these remakes. I think our original shows are better than remakes anyways. The Simpsons, 30 Rock, The Sarah Silverman Program. We don't need to steal from other countries.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vice Presidential Debates

I am pretty excited about tomorrow. Everyone seems to be saying though that Sarah Palin is being prepped and prepped and prepped so not to expect her to do too badly.

But if her past performance on CBS is any indicator; this could be a gaffe-filled fest which will give Tina Fey plenty of fodder.

Of course Biden is known for gaffes. And everyone is worried that he might go overboard in wiping the floor with Palin. I'm not sure why. Reagan Bush wonm and when Bush (sr) faced off against Ferraro in their Vice Presidential debate Bush was mercilessly condescending; yet they still won the election.

You know nobody would coddle Hillary if she was up there and I don't see why the media insists that Palin must be treated with kid gloves or the rednecks will revolt and cry 'bias bias!'

I'd love to see both Obama and Biden take some below the belt punches. When you're up against dirty sneaky Republicans you can't be gentlemanly. Americans seem to respond well to aggression. How else can you explain Bush Jr winning twice.

As Bill Maher said yesterday on the 'Daily Show' Obama needs a catchphrase like "There you go again old man" or "Honkey please."

Republicans Are Now Feminists

Did you hear?