Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our 3 Tillion Dollar War and the Financial Crisis...And the VP debates

Watched the Vice Presidential debates.

It's funny that John McCain's support of the bailout means that some things will have to be sacrificed. He's not a big fan of government spending.

Yet the war has so far cost us 3 trillion dollars. And that has contributed heavily to this financial crisis because all of that money has been borrowed.

Sarah Palin did ok which means she did better than most people expected. So when you're expectations are super low you always come out on top. But Joe He did an awesome job.

When Joe Biden panders to middle sounds sincere. To the point where it doesn't seem like pandering at all. It really sounds like he means what he says from the bottom of his heart.

When Sarah Palin Panders it sounds like she regurgitating talking points.

I guess this could be my bias against her. But I would say that although I sincerely believe Barrack Obama cares about the working poor and the middle class but when he and John McCain talk about "main street" it really makes me cringe. Not all normal middle class Americans live in a small town homogenous main street.

But when Biden does it he really sounds sincere. I found him to be really charming. Good pick Barrack. It was the safe choice but had you not picked Biden and picked Hillary; McCain wold have picked the whitest McWhiteyson to show a contrast between the party of liberals and minorities (though women are not minorities) and the party that LOOKS most presidential.

Sarah Palin will be the nail in John McCains coughin.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I find it interesting nobody is reporting the connection between the financial crisis and the borrowed money we are spending on this war. It's a shame that people can't see how the two are interconnected.