Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vice Presidential Debates

I am pretty excited about tomorrow. Everyone seems to be saying though that Sarah Palin is being prepped and prepped and prepped so not to expect her to do too badly.

But if her past performance on CBS is any indicator; this could be a gaffe-filled fest which will give Tina Fey plenty of fodder.

Of course Biden is known for gaffes. And everyone is worried that he might go overboard in wiping the floor with Palin. I'm not sure why. Reagan Bush wonm and when Bush (sr) faced off against Ferraro in their Vice Presidential debate Bush was mercilessly condescending; yet they still won the election.

You know nobody would coddle Hillary if she was up there and I don't see why the media insists that Palin must be treated with kid gloves or the rednecks will revolt and cry 'bias bias!'

I'd love to see both Obama and Biden take some below the belt punches. When you're up against dirty sneaky Republicans you can't be gentlemanly. Americans seem to respond well to aggression. How else can you explain Bush Jr winning twice.

As Bill Maher said yesterday on the 'Daily Show' Obama needs a catchphrase like "There you go again old man" or "Honkey please."

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