Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama to Win By Landslide

Wow. Looking at the current electoral map...Obama is set to win by a landslide.

Right now Obama is ahead with 268 electoral votes (according to polling data)

John McCain has 137. NOt only that but there are only 18 states leaning towards McCain. And then there are 97 electoral votes in places where its too close to call. Even if McCain got all 18 electoral votes in states leaning towards him AND all 97 electoral votes in the undecided states; he would still only have 252 electoral votes.

The only way McCain can win is to pick up 17 electoral votes from those states currently leaning towards Obama. Those are the real battleground states. Virgina, Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota.

The news couldn't be better. I'm actually excited and full of hope. This could actually happening. Change is a -comin'

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