Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Curve of Apollols Neck

The curve of Apollo's neck

The curve of your neck,
as it cuts into your ears
and then connects to your chin
is an absolute marvel to behold

the line between light and dark skin
connecting at your bicep,
your smile, your eyes,
your jagged smile
equally awkward and unique,
they come together to create you're soft gentle face
clinging so tightly to your bones

you witthold thousands of years of observation
with your lips sealed tightly
you dare not speak of the time the discus struck your head
humbling you before apollo and reborn into the tall slender frame you possess today
in the form of what is best in both men
Apollos strength and the energetic youth of Hyacinthus

And I Zephyrus
watching from the west
can only long to hold you, so far and so distant
that the gods would make me reborn in the image of hyacinthus
so i could be slight, and tiny, crushed underneath the arms of this new Apollo

And Chronus laughs over me
so i sigh and sit passively
longing to trace that curve up into your ears and across your chin and up to your cheeks
to have one kiss, and then wither away
Gone but not forgotten