Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's mud slinging and enabling the racist minority

The most disgusting thing about the current comments made by Sarah Palin with the support of John McCain; is that they are scaring people about Obama to win the election, but they could end up scaring racist rednecks into trying to murder Obama.

Obama is already at risk as an African American. If he wins; and Palin's racist fear mongering rhetoric resonates with the disinfranchised, uneducated rural whites...Palin and McCain will have blood on their hands.

It's one thing to attack someone on the issues. But to attack them and incite violence against them through blatant lies and half truths?

I have lost all respect for the McCain Palin ticket. And I no longer feel sorry for Palin. She is a dickhead of the highest order.

On a happier note:

Obama wiped the floor with McCain at today's debates.

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