Friday, October 10, 2008

Cindy McCain Thinks People Shouldn't Change their Ideas About Race...Excuse me?

Coming up in the newest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine; are interviews with both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.

One thing really struck me though about this article though. Both candidates where asked if they think their campaigns changed the perceptions of race. Cindy responded:

"I think it’s a phenomenal age of politics because there are many firsts in this race. But I don’t think it has changed – nor should it change – the way people look at race. I think Americans are good-hearted, open-minded people and race doesn’t enter into this – at all.”

"Nor should it change"? I guess when the only tactic you have left is to demonize your opponent and scare people from voting for him; that you don't want the racists in this country to change their perception of race.

Freudian slip? It's quite obvious Mrs McCain is saying..."stay racist America. My husband needs your votes."

And if you read any of the comments posted by McCain supporters on sites like Youtube and the Huffington's quite obvious that those who vote for McCain are doing so out of hatred and fear of Obama.

The McCain campaign is playing to that and it scares me to my core, that he could be enciting his supporters to violence against Obama and his supporters.

The secret service is already investigating someone at a McCain rally who yelled "kill him." (in reference to Obama) McCain, his wife and Palin are hate mongers. Worse than Bush who was a fear monger. They are not only fear mongers but also playing on peoples racism. They're playing with fire. And turning off a lot of independant voters in the process

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