Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KTLK - LA Affiliate of Air America Explains Position

KTLK, the Los Angeles affiliate of Air America has been taking advertising from the No On 8 Campaign. I wrote to complain and this is what they said:

"Election laws dictate that as a media outlet we must carry the advertising of any candidate, proposition or measure that is on the ballot - if they choose to be on our station.

No matter how much we disagree (and we do) with their position, we must run their commercials.

Unfortunately, the No on 8 campaign has decided not advertise on KTLK thus giving the Yes on 8 campaign total unopposed access to our audience."

That is very unfortunate. I suppose the No On 8 campaign doesn't want to spend money preaching to the choir but progressives have the power to stop 8 since we are the bulk of the electorate here in California. If progressives don't take time to pay attention or see it as big of a problem, they could become passive. And the religious hicks in Californias red inland could see this passed.

Right now support of Proposition 8 is swelling on the polls. According to Andy Humm and Ann Northrope of GAY USA. Support for the proposition was lagging in polls just weeks ago but a new crop of ads featuring a defiant Gavin Newsome seems to have pissed off a fair bit of people.

This is disasterous news. Please get the word out NO ON 8

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