Monday, November 3, 2008

If the World Could Vote?

Kudos to "three guys in Iceland" for creating a website that allows the world to cast their vote in the US presidency.

What we find is that the world overwhelmingly see Barrack Obama as the most qualified candidate to lead the free world.

Of course right-wingers will look to see that countries like Iran and Syria prefer Obama, but the votes are cast not by the government but by people living in that country. And since Bush always told us that the war in Iraq was not about the "people" of Iraq but about Saddam and his regime, it seems that those in "countries that don't like us very much" who have access to the internet see Obama as being the most stabilizing for their country.

This also includes Israel. Which also prefers Obama, as well as all our main allies including those in the Anglosphere Australia, Canada and the UK and Ireland and New Zealand.

Albania however wants McCain for some reason...hmm??

To see the results yourself go to:

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