Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barrack Wins - The Housewives of Atlanta and Immigrants and Faggots

What a Tuesday. Its now thursday morning and I still haven't got my head around it. We wont. By a landslide. I predicted their would be a "youth quake" since most polls did not take into account all the new voters; but wow. Senator Obama has a mandate. 333 electoral votes.

The strange thing is going around the internet...that minority that is the ultra conservative is very loud, and very proud. And still up to their tricks. In the end, there's probably not as many partisan people out there as me or the guys who like to type the word "Libtard" into every liberal blog.

This shows what the "real America" looks like. Funny thing is it's still hard to find very many people who love Obama in my local community. I think when it comes down to it, people like to complain, but they don't really get into politics. And probably didn't even vote. My sister is I think the average American. Neither one way or another but would vote with her pocket book...if she wasn't so lazy. She went to vote, and turned around because the lines where too long. In the end she thought it was cool Obama won because "it's history."

"Real" America is a lot more complex than the media would like to acknowledge. In the end, the maority of whites, hispanics ... every ethnicity preferred Obama. African Americans went for Obama 95%.

We can no longer have elections like we had in the past. No more old white guys playing to as broad an audience as possible. No more John Kerry windsurfing. McCain hanging out at biker rallies. The future of American politics is young people. Minorities. Women. Maybe I"m being too optimistic but neither party can now take the "others" for granted.

Unless of course you're gay! For while it was an extremely wonderful and joyous day, Proposition 8 passed.

Thankfully it's not that simple. We are protected in the California constitution. Equal protection. So the validity of Prop 8 is questionable. Which is good. There will most likely be lawsuits. And so there should be. If it wasn't for "activist" judges schools would have never have intergrated. Can't always leave it to the people. The people are ignorant.

Unfortunately, that new powerful voting block, the minority...the immigrant; is unfortunately not in solidarity with the gays. Hispanics and African Americans supported Prop 8 over whites. Which explains why those in charge of the Prop 8 campaign used a hispanic family while our campaign ad focused on whitey mcwhiterson. All along it's not the Cali whites we had to reach it was the cali "others."

This doesn't make me hate immigrants or suddenly become racist. But I'm dissapointed that a minority could opress another minority. Remember, at one time African Americans where thought to have smaller skulls, smaller brains and be sexually lacivious. There was no evidence of this but people believed it, just like the people who believe homosexuality is a choice and a sin. These are opinions based on fear.

In reading blogs; its amazing how Religious fanatics are making this an issue about "religious freedom" making themselves the victim. The truth is marriage is many things. It can be secular; in front of a judge if you are an Athiest; it can be Buddhist, Jewish, relition or people have a monopoly on marriage. So how is letting churches who support gay people perform marriage ceremonies not taking their rights away?

it's because those Churches which disagree, are tax exempt. And they make a killing on faith. They don't pay taxes and don't want to be forced to perform gay marriages. They want their cake and they want to eat it too. Government support but with the right to discriminate.

Whatever. This is not over. Was very happy to see protests in West Hollywood today. we have to stop being passive about this. We need more activism less pasivism.

I am exhausted. So what do the Housewives of Atlanta have to do with any of this. I saw the election at my friend David and Jons house. They are quite the odd couple. David was getting tired of election results and at 8pm pacific...just as Obama was declared winner decided to change the channel to The Real Housewives of Atlanta thinking that their would be no results until 11pm pacific. He was watching CNN, which broadcasts out of New York; so he didn't realize that 11pm actually meant 8pm.

So when I look back at this historic occasion, and think back to where I was when Obama was announced as the first African American president ever; I can say, I was watching the first 5 minutes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

And the funny thing is we would have continued to watch it but the DVR was set to record "Paris, My New BFF" but recorded the vapid housewives instead. So if Paris had been on TV...I would have gotten the news 30 minutes (or more) later than everyone else in the world.

Thanks David lol

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