Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chronyism and Joe Liberman

Democrats slapped progressives in the face today. Letting Joe Lieberman off the hook for turning his back on his party and his parties candidate for President.

In true Presidential form, Barrack is focused on moving forward and he killing his opponents with kindness. But that doesn't keep progressives from being pissed off. But are we pissed off enough?

The conservative base of the Republican party is very vocal; even when it alienates the mainstream so-called "independent" segment of the American population. But the Democrats seem to take the support of progressives for granted.

I would love to see progressives fighting and being more vocal over issues that matter to us. We don't need a pro-war, anti-gay, anti-womans-right-to-choose Democrat like Lieberman getting off scott free because he is well liked as a person in the senate. That should be beside the point. The senate is not a club house. They are there to serve the people. Americans voted in favor of progress this election cycle and Joe Lieberman put his money on "more of the same." Well Lieberman lost and he should be taught a lesson. The man disgusts me.

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