Sunday, November 16, 2008

An open letter to those defending "marriage"

Those who are for Prop 8 have no valid argument. They just spout out hate. Sexual "immorality." Says who? You? Are you a scientist? A psychologist? Even an expert on the Bible you use to push your agenda of hate?
You cannot change being gay. The passage of prop 8 gives young gay people only two choices. Deny who you are and live the rest of your life fighting against your nature, or accept who you are but die alone because you are not worthy of love or growing old with someone or raising a family.
Marriage is a moral choice. It does nots come from a desire to change society or destroy it, but to intergrate into society. I can marry a woman legally. But what good would that do if I am gay? Don't i deserve to grow old with the person I love? Don't i deserve to have an alternative to bars and promiscuity and instead enter into a monogamous relationship, honored by the state that i can share with my friends and family (both gay and non gay) don't my parents deserve to go to their childs wedding and leave this Earth knowing they are being taken care of by someone they love?
Gay marriage hurts nobody. It doesn't not lessen the value of your heterosexual marriage which only stands a 50 50 chance of surviving anyways. But when you voted yes on 8, you voted to dictate the future of millions of people and that is not right.
We are not the whiners because we disagree with a small majority. We are angry because we are having our lives and freedom dictated to us by an ignorant uneducated majority. Rights should never be voted on.
You my friend, are on the wrong side of history. American history is a history of progression. Of the expanding of freedoms not the limiting of it. If the change in percentage between prop 22 in 2000 and prop 8 in 2008 shows anything it shows that you are on the losing side of history.
Eventually you will stop caring about gay people getting married. Whe your kid comes out of the closet, or your neighbor, or when you just stop caring. Just as you conservatives stopped caring about womens suffrage, interacial marriage, slavery etc etc. Conservatives change. Liberals never do. We are always looking at the future and you are dragging your feet in the past.
Conservatives only slow down progress. They can never stop it. In 10 to 20 years gay marriage will be legal everywhere. And you conservatives will have moved on to some other battle. Just as Condy is the secretary of state serving a political party whos conservative ideology once told her she wasn't worthy of her post for her gender and race. So to will there be a day when some of your most prominent conservatives will be only gay people. Just as Ann Coulter got out of the kitchen and began writing books. Bill O'Reilly stopped boozing it up in the Irish pub and became a voice for conservative America. It's only a matter of time before you conservatives stop caring about those immoral gay people and suddenly find them amongst your peers.

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