Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The "what's next polygamy" argument

I am so tired of gay marriage being equated to polygamous marriage.

Polygamy has been around since the beginning of the institution of marriage. Only recently outlawed. Polygamy is a lifestyle. It is not a sexual orientation

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. I was gay before I ever had sex. I can choose to be polygamous or monogamous. But I cannot change being gay.

ENOUGH. These arguments piss me off. I hate the whole slippery slope argument.

Pedophilia - a mental illness. A child cannot give consent. Also...pedophiles are either gay or straight or bisexual. Again...pedophilia is a subset of the three main sexual orientations.

Beastiality - A dog cannot give consent to marry. You are not born liking different species. It is a lifestyle choice...again caused by mental illness. If you have sex with a dog and it enjoys it...more power to you. But beastiality people will never ask to get married unless their animals become citizens with voting rights who pay taxes.

Enough! I am so sick of these conservative arguments. Gay marriage is about gay people wanting to assimilate into straight culture. We have come a long way from the Stonewall riots when we where radicals riding the wave of the sexual revolution. Todays gay activist does not want to redefine society..it wants to conform.

Let us fucking conform allready.

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