Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How has your life made a difference in someone elses?

During these trying times; this holiday season; I'd like to ask all I know and everyone you know etc etc to tell each other how our lives, and your life have impacted others.

It's very easy this time of year to get lost in the commercialism of Christmas, or to feel very depressed. I think the best gift that we can all give is let each other know how we have impacted each others lives for the positive. So that we all know that we are all here for a purpose. That life has meaning.

Meaning is subjective. The idea that life is meaningless is just as absurd as the idea that life is meaningful. But since we live, we love, we experience life like our own personal novel. Still being written. It is better to live life as if it has profound meeting than to live life as if it has none. We create our reality. Why choose suffering and the delaying of pleasure when instead you could choose to live life and enjoy it. Enjoy those around you. And make the most out of your life.

I've been reading a lot about chemical reactions in the brain. It depressed me. That my happiness and love could just be weird chemical reactions in the brain. That human beings evolved inteligentlly by accident. I guess I was going through some existential angst. But if my happiness and love are just chemical reactions in my brain then so are feelings of doubt, depression, sadness or hate. I now understand what people mean when they say the cliche: 'life is what you make it.' Indeed.

Whether we are an accident or not nobody can know for sure. Reality is as we perceive it. And I perceive myself to think and feel and love...i perceive myself to have meaning and have a purpose. So therefore it is so.

I am thankful for the chemical reactions in the brain that make me feel compassion, empathy, love, happiness, pleasure. Life is short and I will spend my life pursuing those feelings and growing as a person.

That's my holiday wish this year for myself and for all of you. Much love.

Happy holidays

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